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High, Deep & Wide: Planning for Differentiation in the Gifted Classroom

For those of us who have taught gifted students, whetherin a fully inclusive classroom or in a standalone gifted classroom, there is no question, teaching gifted children can be as challenging as it can be joyous. Gifted children bring with them an abundance of characteristics and experiences which can both help and hinder them as they participate in learning within our classrooms. From twice-exceptional students to subject and grade-level accelerated students, children in the gifted classroom are often as different as night and day. Some arrive bright-eyed and ready to learn, while others will have a difficult time staying awake or focused, preventing any learning from occurring at all. Some learn easily and achieve rapidly, while others struggle emotionally, refusing to work and resisting classroom processes and routines. As gifted education specialists, it is imperative that we find ways, just as our fully-inclusive teaching peers do, to differentiate for our gifted students, too.

Language arts journal of MIchigan

The LGBTQ I-Search: A Guided Tour

The English classroom yields abundant opportunities to help make students more humane, or as they put it, “to learn how NOT to be jerks.” Students have a pure sense of justice, but their actions are often inconsistent with the values that they believe that they hold. This pure sense of justice can
prompt students to want to make their own world a better place, but the majority of their experiences teach them to value individualism, to look out for themselves above all else.
English classrooms, while teaching students to research and write, can also teach students to think about how their research and writing can seek to make the world a better place by making it better for all people, not just oneself.


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OCTELA Spring Conference 2017, Columbus, OH.

using google sheets to gather and analyze data for tbt

“Gathering and assessing data for Teacher Based Teams.” District PD, Franklin City Schools, Franklin, OH.

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2017 Making Middle Grades Work Best Practices Showcase, Cincinnati, OH.

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